Monday, February 28, 2011

Samsung UN46C7000 46-Inch 1080p

The Samsung UN46C7000 is one of the top-rated TVs out there, and not without reason. The picture virtually jumps out at you when watching 3D content – the experience is completely immersive and incredible. Using advanced technology, unbelievably realistic 3D images absorb you in the action. The picture quality is incredible, and the Internet@TV feature allows you to stay in touch with friends, family and your favorite online content. Samsung Apps give you widgets to stay up to date on important information like stock prices, sports scores, news, weather and more. And to top it off, you can access all this content wirelessly – in a design that is slick, stylish and contemporary enough to complement the d├ęcor of most any room.
Absorptive 3D Action
This TV blurs the boundaries between entertainment and reality with its superior 3D technology, while delivering a pristine, clear image. You’ll feel like part of the action when watching 3D movies and shows with the 3D glasses provided. Picture quality is impeccable, and sound is way better than expected. You can even connect your 3D Blu-ray player to one of the several HDMI inputs and enjoy 3D movies like that. But it doesn’t stop there – even 2D content can be experienced in 3D, thanks to this TV’s ability to up-convert 2D content to 3D form. Check out how much more detailed you favorite movies, shows and sports games appear when seen in 3D glory
Internet@TV, Web Apps, AllShare
Enjoy the best of the web in HDTV brilliance at the push of a button. This TV delivers streaming movies from Blockbuster, Amazon On Demand and even your Netflix queue. The Web Apps bring you games, sports information, and the latest headlines in vivid detail. You can even transfer photos, videos and music from your PC or other mobile device directly onto this TV – with no wires and virtually no effort – thanks to the AllShare feature.
Energy Efficient Design
Side by side with great picture, this TV brings you thoughtful energy efficient design. Its superior LED technology means that you get 50% more energy efficiency than the current Energy Star guidelines. This set also avoids using mercury, unlike conventional LCD TVs, thus reducing environmentally harmful substances while saving energy and money through efficient design.
Stunning Clarity from 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate
Get ready for stunning clarity from the Samsung UN46C7000. The 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate technology delivers high-speed content like sports, action moves and games in incredible, realistic detail. The ultra-slim profile sits pretty at a depth of only 1.1”, and with a built-in transceiver, there’s not even a bulky external box in the way.
The Samsung UN46C7000 is a great product at a great price. The picture and sound are superb, the Internet Apps and Yahoo! widgets are useful features, and the convenience of accessing your PC files wirelessly is alluring. It has an ultra-thin profile of just 1”, and as an edge-lit LED set, this TV has amazing black levels, bright, accurate colors, astonishing 3D effects with native 3D content and good 3D upconversion from 2D content. Its energy efficiency is impressive, as is its selection of Internet-based streaming content. This could possibly be one of the best HDTVs out there on the market right now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Samsung LE40c750 40 inch LED TV

With its blend of Hyper True 3D and Broad Colour Enhancer LCD engineering, this 3D Samsung Tv draws you to the action over any 40 inch LCD Tv has actually performed prior to. Samsung innovation has even created it achievable to convert your favourite 2D films to 3D. Far more depth, a lot more scale and truer picture colour; the LE40C750 helps make viewing Tv an encounter of prosperous sensations.

Of course, the LE40C750 provides an awful whole lot greater than just 3D processing to make it this kind of a compelling Tv. A contrast ratio of 300,000:1 is fantastic for an LCD Television and provides this 3D Television convincing blacks. No matter whether you're observing in 3D or 2D, the LE40C750 has class-leading depth of picture with inky dark blacks and outstanding colour reproduction. Extra to this is Samsung's unique Broad Colour Enhancer. This uses pixel analysis tactics to stretch every single pixel to its 3-dimensional restrict giving an enormous assortment of colour and texture variations. Along with this awesome spec is, needless to say, 1080p Full HD resolution. 3D has taken vision into a new dimension but with the LE40c750 it commences from rock strong foundations.

Residing up to these kinds of an wonderful visual knowledge was never ever gonna effortless for your onboard audio system and so it proves it cannot match the encapsulating photo. More than at any time for any Tv like this, you actually have to get a 3D Prepared AV technique to match. That stated, there is a fairly potent amplifier built-in and SRS TheatreSound for a much more spacious and enveloping experience. What is a lot more, due to the Audio Return operate to the v1.four HDMI sockets you can route the TV's sound back for your AV amp with out the require to get a separate cable.

As impressive because the picture is on this 40 inch 3D Samsung Television, it's very good to find out they have not left it at that. In terms of connectivity, the LE40c750 is again, forward with the levels of competition. Total wireless DLNA connection lets you connect approximately your wireless home hub from which you'll be able to access the net and share songs, video clip and photograph files from Pc, laptop or NAS (Network Connected Storage) technique. The a lot more conventional connections are effectively covered from the Samsung 3D Television, too. Twin USB connections allow you to play your digital pictures and movies from media device by means of Tv. Then obviously there're the four HDMI sockets for complete connectivity with your house cinema method.

As with other Samsung 3D TVs, the LE40c750 seems to be the aspect no matter whether switched on or off. The slim black body looks smooth and yet doesn't distract in the photograph. Included using the Television can be a designer, four-point stand that not merely adds stability and design flair for the Tv but also swivels for the very best viewing angle. Samsung LE40b650

Monday, February 7, 2011

Samsung LE40C530 40-inch 1080p LCD Tv review

On this review I'm reviewing the 40inch Samsung LE40C530, but you can also grab the 32 inch at the same time as big difference won’t vary very much.

The Samsung LE40C530, part of Samsungs Series five assortment, eventually a leading notch LCD Television for a great cost. If we even go back about a year and a 50 percent in the past the reality of picking up a Tv like this for that value was very slim. I’m gonna examine the Samsung LE40C530 under highlighting the advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s begin using the design and style. With a normal design the differences are really modest in comparison with other series five models. Because the colour of the LE40C530 is rose black you don’t really need to worry how he Tv will glimpse inside your space, since it will co-ordinate with practically all shade schemes, absolutely nothing around the to right here from Samsung…..just how we like it.

The LE40C530 comes with a square stand, finished in gloss black, also permitting a very good range of motion from left to correct. Great for all those with pretty nicely sized rooms. 1 point I did observe is on older Samsung versions back panel connectors began to bow inwards, a thing the LE40C530 has rectified giving it a real higher normal quality end.

Those who are used to higher end TV’s will recognize the variation as LCDs sometimes find it hard to keep up with fast flowing action. Although those typically used to watching sports, the LE40C530 manages to capture the motion resolution properly. Samsung did however manage to rectify around 250-300 lines of resolution.
Common Definition

Given the cost I wasn’t expecting the Common Definition to be so excellent, but after I compared the LE40C530 to a few higher priced Samsung designs I was pleasantly surprised to how effectively they have done.

If you have ever experienced other Samsung TV’s like the UE46C8000, you will discover the SD is of very high regular, and with all the price tag of the LE40C530 you would naturally expect a lower high quality, but given I have experienced both, they difference is extremely little if any at all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samsung LE40C650 Review

Offered for about £800 on the web, the LE40C650 features a Complete HD panel along with HyperReal image processing, a Freeview HD receiver, Samsung's own Internet TV on-line system and AllShare DLNA buffering over a residence network. Not pricy for a 'budget' Television.

Regardless of that desirable haul of features, the LE40C650 is actually in fact near the bottom of Samsung's line-up for this year. For £200 or so more, the step-up C750 Series provides 3D compatibility as well as 200Hz Motion Plus, but little else, even though Samsung additionally makes four individual ranges of LCD-LED Televisions and plasma tv's.

Its standing is further raised by its elegant look. Samsung promises that the LE40C650 'crystal' style 'captures the essence of natural beauty'. To explain the gloss back display surround and translucent lip as such is overdoing it a tad, but the TV's red-tinted undercarriage and transparent desktop remain is really a Samsung trademark and deserves to have wide attractiveness.

The LE40C650's haul of four HDMI inputs really should be plenty for most users; 3 are supplied on the rear of the TV, with a side-panel containing the fourth. That side-panel also includes two USB 2.0 inputs, a composite video input and ports for stereo analogue audio.

It’s worth including in this article that you don’t need to make use of the Ethernet to entry Internet@TV, for you may also cough up for an optional additional Wi-Fi dongle that slots into one of many USB ports. These ports may also be utilised for playing back again a great range of photo, music and video clip file formats, including DivX, XviD and .WMVs.

Very well presented TV,  High definition application and valuable compatibility with DivX HD files meets a fairly busy Internet video system. Add those to some blur-free, vibrant and contrast-heavy HD and SD images, and here's a excellent value 40-inch TV that shows there's life in "standard" Lcd tv yet. Get more details here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Samsung LE32B550 Review

As the leader amongst TV manufacturers, Samsung has been doing very well with its top-of-the-line LCD and LED TVs (B650, B7000 and B8000 series). The Samsung LE32B550 is a more modest set, but it still doesn’t skip on features and keeps up Samsung’s reputation as a quality mainstream TV manufacturer.

Right from the get-go, this 32” set is a good-looking TV, with a stylish “crystal” finish, a sleek glass-necked stand and minimalist design. It offers impressive connectivity and truly superb pictures once the processing options are understood carefully.
There’s no dearth of connections on this set, as it includes four HDMI inputs as well as a USB port that allows you to view and share JPEG photos as well as music in the form of MP3 audio files, so it’s perfect for gathering family and friends round to see pictures from your most recent vacation. Do note that there’s no video playback option on this model, however, but these days that’s not much of an issue for most prospective customers.
What you might find lacking, though, is the absence of other media connectivity options found in higher models. This set lacks PC streaming as well as access to the company’s widget-driven “Media 2.0” online service, but then again, rival models at the same price point don’t offer these options either so it’s nothing to really complain about.
Response Time
What other rivals in this category do offer, notably, is 100 Hz processing – something that this model glaringly lacks. Samsung’s DNI (Digital Natural Image) engine and the screen’s native response time hopefully make up for this omission by limiting the expected motion-blur issue that’s inherent in liquid crystal displays.
Color Processing
Some of the features found on this model’s onscreen menu include a black level booster, a flesh tone enhancement option, noise reduction circuits as well as an “edge enhancer”, most of which sound more impressive than they are actually useful.
For one, the flesh tone booster makes skin tones look unbalanced compared to the rest of the color palette; the Edge Enhancer has a tendency to over-sharpen images to the point that they look rather unnatural, which can make for a less-than-optimal viewing experience.
Once you understand the capabilities and limits of the Samsung 32B550 carefully, it will definitely pay you back with superb pictures. The black levels are shockingly deep, and sit in brilliant contrast with stunning, pristine whites.
Even the color palette itself is impressive, and looks like those found on more expensive sets. A wide range of colors and subtle nuances help display expressively the detail we love on our Blu-ray discs. Make a point of avoiding the Edge Enhancement option, and you’ll be rewarded with clarity that comes without noise or stress.
For Standard Definition (SD) content, the Samsung 32B550 is a respectable performer, and even upscales Freeview and  DVD content to the set’s Full HD resolution with clarity and sharpness. The fact that there is no 100 Hz processing does put a bit of a damper on things compared to Samsung’s higher-end TVs, and the result is especially evident with standard-definition content.
For the money, though, these are but minor drawbacks. Don’t mind the limited viewing angle (it’s the same in rival models) and the somewhat mediocre audio, which none of these TVs tend to be known for anyways. Overall this TV is a great deal. Get more details here

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Samsung LE32C450 Review

The Samsung LE32C450 is part of Samsung’s “Series 4” range, which is their second-from-the-bottom range of LCD TVs. Budget-conscious buyers will appreciate the attractive price tag on this 32-inch TV that is “HD ready”, which comes with a 1366×768p resolution LCD panel instead of the higher-end “Full HD” resolution of 1920×1080p which is more common. Of course, buying cheap comes with some compromises – this TV doesn’t receive Freeview HD channels, because it lacks a DVB-T2 tuner, although you can hook up HD devices through the 3 supplied HDMI inputs. Some types of USB media (music, movies, photos, etc.) can also be played back on this television, expanding its functionality.
Touch of Color Design
Samsung’s characteristic “Touch of Color” design feature seems to be more prominent on this series than on higher models, for some reason, with the stylish red tinge shown visibly underneath the logo. Other than that, this TV looks quite similar to the mid-range Samsung LCD models, although the stand is noticeably cheaper, requiring some juggling of the TV for the screws to be inserted at the base.
At the back, the panel is pleasantly comparable to higher models in the mid-range, being made as it is of lightweight metal that looks and feels more expensive and durable than other televisions that feature plastic casing.
Decent Connectivity
Although this is a budget TV, you can still hook up a satisfying number of external devices to enhance your viewing experience. There are 3 HDMI inputs (two at the back, one on the side), one RGB SCART terminal to connect standard-definition (SD) gadgets, the must-have HD component input, a PC VGA input to connect computers and laptops, a USB input and a composite video jack. There is also an RF input on the back panel for the digital/analog hybrid tuner’s signal to be fed.
Sufficient Basic Calibration Options
On the Samsung LE32C450, calibration for all the basic image parameters can be controlled quite easily for the best picture quality. Since it is a budget TV, though, some of the more advance calibration options have been foregone in order to keep the price down. For example, it lacks a Color Management menu, and doesn’t have the advanced 10-point Greyscale control which is available only on Series 6 and higher.
Still, it does offer basic Gamma adjustment, a bare-bones Color Space contro that lets you choose from two color modes, and of course the typical White Balance menu. These options allow for a respectable amount of calibration control for the average user and present little room for complaint, as such.
 Acceptable Color Management
Since there are no advance Color management options, the existing controls serve to fine-tune the primary and secondary colors to your taste. Overall, a decent picture quality is possible just using these controls, yielding acceptable colors including those for natural-looking flesh tones. Luckily, adjusting for realistic skin tones doesn’t produce aberrations in the other color fields.
There is in fact a specific adjustment control for flesh tones that goes from -15 to +15, which on higher models is generally extraneous because the advanced color management options allow for finer adjustments. On this model, the flesh tone control doesn’t seem to provide much perceptible difference in the color accuracy, though.
This is a perfectly acceptable TV if you’re not ready to shell out the big bucks. The picture is crystal-clear, and the sound punchy , with a design that’s pleasing to look at. Mid-range displays are much more capable of producing more accurate color reproduction, so some may quibble with the more limited capability of the Samsung LE32C450’s rendition of basic colors. In general, though, the color accuracy is not glaringly unbearable, and seem quite alright for the low price you pay for this television. Overall this is a recommended TV in the budget range. best led tv 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LG INFINIA 55LE8500 Review

LG is one of the top competitors when it comes to sleek LED TVs that offer high-quality images. The LG INFINIA 55LE8500, although not the most recent or top of the line model from LG, is still on the charts as a value set that delivers solid features, excellent picture quality and dependable performance at an affordable price. While many new LED TVs come increasingly with 3D technology, this one sticks with tried-and-true 2D, saving you quite a pretty penny while all the snags in 3D technology are still being worked out. In fact, if you’re not in a hurry to be an early adopter with the 3D TVs, this model is a rather good choice for the money. 
Looks Good, inside and out
The ultra-thin design of this TV strikes you at first glance, being that it’s a slim 1.4-inch-thick display that easily mounts on your wall or slots into an entertainment center. The one-sheet-glass design gives it a stylish and modern look from any angle, and it comes loaded with all the expected Internet apps and widgets: YouTube, NetFlix, Vudu, Picasa and tons of other goodies that give you a rich multimedia viewing experience. Keep in mind, though, that this set lacks streaming audio (you’d need to turn to YouTube or another widget to fulfill this requirement) and doesn’t display 3D video – so if you’re ok being without 3D, the prices on this model may come down quite a bit in the near future.
Generous Display Settings
LG is known for the generous variety of display settings their TVs offer, allowing you to achieve picture-perfect quality according to your taste and the TV’s location. There are plenty of options for each setting on this TV, giving you the ability to customize the display with ease. This TV is especially good with local dimming, delivering superb black levels and the brightest of whites. However, it does fall a bit flat in well-lit areas, so if you plan on having this TV in your living room or office, you might want to think again. The glass-front design means there’s a fair amount of glare, making it somewhat tiring to watch TV during the daytime or when the ambient light is bright. The glassy front also tends to pick up fingerprints easily, which can be annoying especially if you have curious kids around.
This TV is ideal for putting into darker rooms (bedrooms or home theater rooms, for example); and its generous viewing angle makes it easy to see from the sides as well.
Stay Connected
This TV has four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, a PC input and an Ethernet port to connect to the Internet. It would have been nicer to have built-in Wi-Fi to avoid running wires all over the house to get Internet on the TV. But other than that, the connections on this model are quite sufficient for most all needs.
Technical Support
Having a new gadget can often be daunting, and LG has clearly understood this – their technical support is readily accessible, and includes getting in touch with them in just about every possible way. The easiest and fastest is through their live chat option; other alternatives include email and phone. Their staff is knowledgeable and reliable, and anyways the TVs come with a one-year warranty.
Keep the LG INFINIA 55LE8500 LED TV in a dimly-lit room and you’re in for an exciting viewing experience. The picture quality is tops, and there are plenty of features to keep you interested and engaged. You save quite a bit by not having the 3D technology and a few additional features, but if you’re looking for a great bargain and don’t feel the need to keep up with the Joneses, this TV is definitely recommended. For more LG 3D Reviews